Welcome to Barks Farms.  We sell 1/4" slippery plastic flooring and Shur-Lok Tarp systems.  We also deal in Outback Guidance Systems.  Please browse through our site to see all that Barks Farms has to offer!



Barks Farms is an authorized dealer of quality Dakota Aluminum Hopper Trailers and Maurer Steel Hopper Trailers.  We also deal and sell in new and used trucks and trailers.  Follow our links above to see detailed specifications about  Wheeler and Maurer trailers, and to look threw are new and used listings.


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We are authorized dealers of ShurCO Shur-Lok Tarping Systems.Improve the ease and safety of operation with an original Shur-Lok tarp system available for farm trucks, silage boxes, fertilizer spreaders, fertilizer tenders, grain carts and wagons.

For farm trucks, grain carts, wagons, grain trailers,
tenders, spreaders and end dumps.

Galvanized Steel Latchplate
Galvanized Steel End Caps
Standard Tarp Stops
Standard Crank Arm
Pinless Crank Retainer with 7 Standoff
Stretch Cord Return
18 oz Vinyl-Coated Tarp
Farm trucks feature Value Series bows and ridge rope.  Grain carts and wagons feature steel bows and brackets, ridge rope, recessed tarp stops and long crank arm.


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